The Story

It was mid-March in 2020 when both our employers mandated work from home. The world had come to know about the impending pandemic that humanity was about to suffer. You guessed it right, the reference here is to the Covid–19 pandemic. Initially, it was amazingly convenient. We both adapted well to working remotely and no commute meant more time to ourselves, fewer expenses, and chill life. As weeks and months went by behind closed doors, the isolation along with all the news of suffering around the world began to take its mental toll. Not much later life got boring and a feeling of being at a standstill generated frustration.

After some conscious thinking, we came to this realization that we need to turn all this time and energy into something productive. This mix of free time, resources, mental fatigue, frustration, and a positive moment became a breeding ground for the birth of MiscGyan. It started as a fun project where we started sharing our lifestyle, our professional expertise, and our genuine perspective on Instagram and other social networks. Great feedback and support from family and friends kept things kept rolling. And we reached a point where there was no looking back. Today, we work with individuals, groups, and businesses large and small to help them grow.

We try to live a life worth every second. We aim to experience this 'music of breath', that's life, to the fullest. And MiscGyan is a medium where we share our experience, our thoughts, our perspectives, our expertise, our lifestyle, and our humanity with the you.

We hope to connect with you and when we do, we promise to leave an impact, a positive one.

We are glad you are here. You can connect directly with us in the following ways:
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